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tv   Headline News  RT  July 19, 2014 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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international investigators will reach the wreckage of a malaysian airliner that crashed in ukraine killing all on board. before an investigation is held as the u.s. claims. the plane from an area trolled by ukrainian government forces. and grief stricken friends and family the seventeen plane crash victims seeking about why they lost loved ones. just a few kilometers away from the crash ordinary ukrainians continue to die.
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it is saturday morning here in moscow you're watching a national. news team welcome to the program investigators are combing through the wreckage of the malaysian airliner that crashed in east ukraine on thursday killing all two hundred ninety eight. alongside the dead of the plane by the remains of passengers on the. white ribbons as you see here marking the spots where the bodies have been found but many who are on board still remain unaccounted for a team of international observers from the organization for security and cooperation in europe will continue their examination of the site later accompanied by representatives. the self-proclaimed don't yet people's republic it took
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pictures of the gruesome scene on friday. was that for us. we are now way past that twenty four hour mark that the bodies of the people at the crash malaysia airlines flight have been lying around here along with the burning bridges now the always see mission had already come here they spend about an hour talking to people and scouring the area then they left so we couldn't get any information from them right away they were keeping mom about the whole thing but certainly the shock was definitely on their faces now it's not just this area that's been affected the debris and along with the bodies had falling in an area around twelve kilometers here so this is going to be lengthy lengthy process for identification and for investigation as well and right now cue to take
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a look at what we have seen here so far and how this tragedy had affected the people that live here in eastern ukraine this woman who was out working in her garden when her son told her a body had fallen from the sky and broken through the roof of their house the badly mangled victim of the malaysian airlines flight has now been laying in in this kitchen for more than a day. at first i didn't notice any of them my son went out and said mom there is a body in the kitchen there was plastic everywhere i thought it was just a pile of rubbish but then i add this to that it was a human body without a leg and was arms twisted and broken it was a man who fell out of the play and through the roof it's a murder a real motive for local residents dimitri said the area's been saar get it by ukrainian forces as part of their so-called and terrorist operation.
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my wife and i were having dinner when we heard a strange noise that sounded like clapping as soon as we went out of the house we saw a body lying nearby it must have fallen from a very high altitude the only thing left on the body was a t. shirt it was a man their legs were broken i saw practically no blood now you can smell the odor over here there are no words to describe it here's my house and it all happened right here it's not clear what caused the boeing seven seven seven to fall out of the sky leaving nearly three hundred civilians dead several different possibilities have now been thrown up the locals hear it's all that's what they saw just before the plane came crashing down i was watching t.v. i heard a roar in two explosions i would know and saw spinning plane without a wing with something falling out of it the plane was shot down there were explosions in the sky in apart from the loud sounds of the plane itself i heard the
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buzz which fighter jets make the area where the plane crashes near several mines that sustain people economically in the done as krege and so it comes as no surprise that coal miners or some of the first on hand to help at the scene of the tragedy. i've lived here with my family my whole life here where the crash happened i've been working in this coal mine for forty years and now i just want to help that's all our own government is bombing us there's thirty people in our ship and just two of them went to work others came here to help. is thought rudd says of the victims are going to be arriving here shortly and no doubt they will be seeking answers but it seems they could be in for quite a wait to find out just how their loved ones were taken from them from on costs or of art see donetsk ukraine. and the majority of the passengers on the flight what docks and people across the netherlands have been laying flowers out in tribute
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many of the victims what holiday makers heading to the malaysian beaches of these are not reporting from the grieving country. as travelers rush to catch their flights these floral tributes are the only visible reminder of the tragedy for victims' families the cool wait to find out who downed flight m.h. seventeen continues but away from the airport the heartbreaking stories are starting to emerge in the town of borden a school rocked by grief graduates of men kemah college robin hamill rick robot young vines it veld and his sister fred a wreak were about to start the next chapter of their lives while two of the three students from this school that sadly perished on nine eight seventeen were in fact billings a brother and a sister who were flying out to kuala lumpur with their grandparents who had gifted them a holiday to southeast asia for graduating from this school just several days ago
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everybody's together there's lots of crying everybody supporting one another you don't see something like this coming i knew he was going on holiday to malaysia but you never expect something like this to happen instead of enjoying the first days of their summer holiday pupils and teachers are grieving it's unbelievable seeing something on the news is one thing but when it's a bolt your own school it hits you i still don't understand it were shell shocked the loss is terrible we've opened up the school so that the kids can come in and mourn together and so that the students that needs extra help can get professional trauma counseling. over in amsterdam outside one of the city's bars we saw young men and women crying they were mourning the loss of their friends laurence van de graaff and his girlfriend collin who had planned to travel across malaysia. five am last night i got
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a text and i woke up. and i saw it was gone you have this roller coaster going round this different emotions disbelief shock anger sadness. and. you feel horrible and saddam has a population of just around eight hundred thousand people everyone we've spoken to is in shock but because that list of dutch casualties was so high on m.h. seventeen most of the people we've spoken to say they know someone or know someone who knows someone who died on that plane well what i read earlier today it's the same ratios nine eleven where you compared to death toll to or to the population so i think it's pretty impactful and while relatives and friends of victims digest the news of what's happened the flags are flying at half mast a symbol of a nation in mourning. for the boy. and the other tributes have been paid across
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the world as well many have offered prayers along with flowers and notes in remembrance of those who perished. in kuala lumpur where m h one seventy was supposed to land. we're now here in kuala lumpur where the mh seventeen plane was supposed to land but it did end scenes on friday where he is very emotional the relatives of those who were killed on that plane crash literally stormed the airport the particularly the offices of the malaysian airline company demanding the lists of those who wore on board for some reason the company was reluctant to give those lists only a few hours later did provide those lists now we understand that a larger part of the relatives of the victims of the plane crash went to amsterdam from there they will travel to ukraine where they will participate in the identification of these bodies that but the authorities here both the authorities of the malaysian airlines company and the state authorities are on the rolling
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press conference schedule there providing updates literally every hour raising a lot of questions particularly that one of the most important questions as to why as it's been reported the plane was ordered by the ukrainian air traffic controllers to descend to a lower altitude these scenes are now pretty calm although huge media and police presence here around the airport which pretty much resembles the scenes of march when another airliner of the malaysian airline company disappeared it's still nowhere to be found but of course the situation is different and we are waiting for more updates from the country's officials obviously the investigation has barely begun but the u.s. claims it has for evidence the plane was shot down by a missile fired from an area controlled by and fight is more now with guy in a chicken. president obama said the misawa shot from the territory controlled by separatists in eastern ukraine having said that he also added we don't know exactly what happened i think it's very important for us to make sure that. we don't get
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out ahead of the facts. and at this point in terms of identifying specifically what individual or group of individuals or a. personnel order that the strike. came about the u.s. president called for a credible international investigation and that is something all members of the u.n. security council are calling for including russia because nobody at this point knows who shot that missile the blame game is about who created the ground for this tragedy to happen and here we see a clash of different views the u.s. says russia is responsible because it supported the rebels we know that these separatists have received a steady flow of support from russia. this includes arms and training russia says key if it's responsible because it launched this military operation in eastern ukraine and the u.s. supported it at this point we have this vicious back and forth between everyone
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involved and not involved of course there are plenty of unexplained details surrounding the flight from amsterdam to kuala lumpur where the plane first diverge from its usual flight path and then it passed directly over a war zone and then according to a ukrainian air traffic controllers they requested that the plane drop altitude the reasons for that very unclear she ritchie from every asian consultant international he says it could have been to avoid colliding with another airplane. in terms of managing the flight. medic that i. was. by calling and we had a look at the region just thought to be a. number. i was using the separation that was status which you didn't mention. why. not give a reason why. the. and with accusations being thrown
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in every direction russia's deputy defense minister has suggested kiev has some explaining to do i would like to express deep condolences to all people who was elected as. gracious i don't want to use this opportunity to blame anybody i just would like to raise a few questions to my. colleagues from armed forces of ukraine. now russia wants kiev to explain why it believes ukrainian opposition forces shot down the plane and government fighters don't have an air force moscow wants to know why kiev deployed surface to air missiles in the area in the first place russia is also calling on ukraine to release records of its military tracking from the day of the tragedy and questions have been raised over why the airliner was allowed to
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deviate from its course and fly directly over a war zone now kiev and government forces naturally accusing each other of shooting down the plane with a surface to air missile over the system legibly used was a soviet made book it's a complex that can be quickly moved around and deploy virtually anywhere unlike handheld surface to air missiles the book has the range to shoot down high flying airliners ukrainian military was known to have deployed a number of these systems in the area but kiev is now circulating an unconfirmed video allegedly showing a book complex being driven across eastern ukraine with the one of its missiles missing intelligence expert charles schubert says kiev's claims have yet to be backed by solid evidence. one could say from the outset with some investigation the area of ground from which it was launched and of course that would give an indication even though it's accepted i think that is to put it much
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of eastern ukraine is in a fluid situation in terms of who controls what any given time the ukraine government has released what it claims are a number of evidence should lead for example it is said that. intercepted communications it says between people on the ground that suggested that we have those who are firing oh how far into all weapons. ukraine government has in the past said that the rebels have these weapon systems i should point out that of course the government claims i was yet on cooperated in respect to these intercepted transmissions and also of course. the prosecutor general himself you know i have the system so it's fair to say there's a lot of confusion at the moment and really this really points the way to the importance of a thoroughly independent. investigation to uncover all of the leads in this case it's not just about quarter past nine on saturday morning it's our international live from moscow i'm rori sushi we're back after a very short break with more updates on ukraine.
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i'm happy martin the stories we cover here not getting here in the right story at the same time there's a reason they don't want you to know. now let's break the set. well leaders called for an investigation after a passenger jet crashes in east ukraine. the. passenger plane crash relatives of
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the victims left overwhelmed with grief the netherlands loses one facial citizen of a national tragedy does she have an anti government forces are accusing each other bringing down the plane deny having shut down the media turns a blind eye to you gets an oxy. international thanks for joining us at a ten same urgency meeting of the un security council russia's envoy to others not to assign blame before the results of an investigation and of course we're talking about the malaysia airliner that came down in eastern ukraine is. following the proceedings in the big apple. as pressure and accusations are piling up against moscow russian envoy to the united nations vitaly churkin is urging security council members against pointing blame or prejudging an investigation into the tragic plane crash during
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a somber and yet contentious emergency meeting friday ambassador churkin said there are many unanswered questions such as why did the ukrainian aviation dispatchers send a plane flight into an area of military clashes and where were the anti-aircraft systems working ambassador churkin says the ukrainian government has not been showing military restraint as western countries have insisted moscow and says that heaves aggressive attacks and indiscriminate shelling of areas in eastern ukraine has led to more violence and clashes and this is why moscow insists that responsibility for the tragic plane crash lies with key. members of the british good we have repeatedly warned of grave dangers of solving ukraine's political crisis through the use of force we have been calling for respectful dialogue between the conflicting saud's however at each stage kiev has chosen the wrong course and their western backers i'm speaking mainly of the united states have pushed them to escalate the crisis and now when facing the catastrophic
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repercussions of this course of action they're trying to shift responsibility to russia. the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. samantha power says it's likely that a surface to air missile was used to down the malaysian airliner as a result she insists that the international community cannot rule out that russia trained or assisted the ukrainian separatists in shooting down the plane many western council members also said that rebels in eastern ukraine have shot down several planes in the area in recent days which establishes their record and capability of activity the ukrainian ambassador to the u.n. told the council that he believes the separatists in the eastern part of his country are armed with two missile systems that would be capable of shooting. in the malaysian airlines plane he insists his government has evidence to back up the claim the u.n. security council expressed its condolences to the families of the plane crash victims and has also called for a full thorough and independent international investigation into the crash that
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claimed the lives of two hundred eight innocent people russian president vladimir putin and his u.s. counterpart barack obama have both called for an immediate cease fire in ukraine to allow investigators to safely determine the facts and truth surrounding the devastating of the two hundred ninety people on the malaysian flight to kuala lumpur from amsterdam u.n. officials say eighty. and with the plane crash taken the attention since. crackdown in eastern ukraine has gone largely. the army has really tightened the region's second largest. just about sixty kilometers from where the plane came down claims is now in control of the southeastern parts of the city for. a price at least twenty civilians killed in broad daylight as for. heavy artillery fire one shell struck close to a church and
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a local market was left in ruins. with more on what's been happening in this. business you make there is any end in sight so when it comes to violence in a military airplane belonging to an air force has delivered yet another hit we know that they have several residential buildings at least twenty or forty to various reports that have. to this point people are saying that they're left without water and they are being instructed not to leave their homes this is something that has been happening with them for quite a while according to the numerous statements that we have received from people coming little to the. region into neighboring region which is what he did on the territory of russia. for all the news developments straight out of ukraine our web seem working twenty four seven to keep you updated. thanks for joining us today casualties are mounting in israel's ground operation in
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gaza over sixty palestinians have been killed many of them children and teenagers overall more than three hundred have died since israeli shelling began last week most of them civilians all spittles received a steady flow of injured all day on friday. i. love it. now one israeli soldier was killed on friday the country's first military casualty prime minister binyamin netanyahu to widen the ground operation. as a day to destroy the network of tunnels used by hamas to infiltrate israel other
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meanwhile us president barack obama has warned israel against pushing the escalation too far u.n. says the number of palestinians now seeking shelter is nearly doubled harry fear now reporting from gaza ferrazzi. well the streets of gaza remain empty throughout this morning after the sun rose people here fear that this ground incursions will continue in the coming days people here do fear that night the israeli ground invasion could step up. its operations into a new level which could be much more costly for the population of gaza including the civilian population but we decided to go to a sheet the hospital where we spoke to a hamas spokesperson and questioned him on this recent escalation. both your reaction to the israeli ground invasion of the gaza strip. people defending in order. to buy that because i get.
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to go on. record finally i want to. be able to do the groups here have the capacity to actually deal with an israeli ground invasion we already did. not want to. do. home. ok thank you very much for the time thank you ok thanks so that was. the position israel's ground invasion. is going to invoke civilian casualties in large numbers to use that it does have the capacity to defend the palestinian population here from an israeli ground invasion. and they were israeli rallies in the region as well on friday in the west bank city of bethlehem pro gaza demonstrators with tear gassed by police there also in jordan's capital amman hundreds of protesters
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demanding their government a knowledge peace treaty with israel and there was a gathering in ramallah as well of course on the west bank crowds taking part in a vigil to protest the israeli ground operation and rising civilian casualties. the israeli operation follows an egypt brokered truce which allowed some aid to get inside gaza but only lasted five hours on an exchange of fire began as soon as it ended early and my colleague you know neal spoke with a lot of stein the deputy spokesperson of the israeli foreign ministry we asked her exactly how a ceasefire could be followed by an all out ground invasion. egyptians initiated a cease fire and we respected it and we didn't shoot and guess what i'm shooting rockets at us and then there was a humanitarian ceasefire and we wanted the people in gaza to receive medical help to receive food through see all kinds of supplies they need and the hamas still
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kept firing at us surely your government for saw this huge terrible human cost fortunately yes you have one side who wants violence more violence and more death and you have us who are asking them please let's stop it even though this is very risky for us they're firing on you because they think you're firing on them first we're looking at this huge loss of life it is clearly an palestinians the pictures we've been showing and better spreading around the world by stepping up the operation aren't you simply pushing in this into a spiral of violence that who knows when it could end we don't want the violence but unfortunately this is hamas is mission just more and more by ok why weren't there that's fine and i just remember one thing the u.n. international law israel is obliged to protect civilians in the occupied territories doesn't this violate what you're doing the responsibility you have towards the palestinians yes we have a responsibility. to civilians in general and that's what we do before we attack we
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have flyers that saying that we're going to attack and this and sometimes we also abort missions you can look it up in our websites we we have pilots actually aborting missions because they're told that there are children nearby and even though the next day this can be mean that these places are going to launch missiles at us or the up next to an aussie international we truck ukraine's war refugees unless you're joining us with you good morning to you you're about to be joined by george galloway on his sputnik. two u.s. agents who are working deep inside the german government have been caught which has heightened tensions between the two countries even more the german reaction to this was to expel the cia chief in berlin from his post this is the kind of story that makes people who hate u.s. foreign policy to share button on facebook and get all excited it makes many feel
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that merkel or at least some elements of the german government are actually fighting against foreign meddling but i would say that you should take this story with a huge grain of salt yeah they just had one cia asset out of the country and this could be a sign of change but there are still twenty plus u.s. military bases currently operating in germany in fact the bow holder base is one of the largest ones outside of america territory with thirteen thousand troops permanently stationed there so basically if merkel really wants to reduce foreign meddling in germany she's going to have to somehow get a massive foreign military presence out of a country and since has been there for almost seventy years already i don't think that they're just going to pack up and leave on their own one day but that's just my opinion.
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